Updated: July 18, 2019


ESHB 1788 did not get a concurrence vote in the House before the last day of session. In effect, this means that no bill related to the State Bar Act passed the Legislature this session.

Please see the highlights and accomplishments for the WSBA in the legislative session on NWSidebar.

Frequently Asked Questions: WSBA legislative activity and ESHB 1788 — information from the Board Legislation Committee

The Legislative Program

WSBA's Legislative Program is a year-round effort to share the expertise of the WSBA's more than 38,000 members with the state Legislature and its many stakeholders, subject to guidelines established by the Board of Governors and by state Supreme Court rule.

The WSBA's Outreach and Legislative Affairs (OLA) staff are responsible for advancing and maintaining positive and effective relations between the Bar, the Legislature, legislative stakeholders, and the executive branch of government. The OLA staff also spearhead and coordinate the Bar's efforts to protect the public and serve our members in legislative matters relating to the practice of law and the administration of justice. Our participation in the legislative arena includes both seeking passage of Bar-request legislation and also providing input on legislation introduced by others.

The OLA staff are guided by the Board of Governors' Legislation and Court Rule Comment Policy and General Rule 12.2, and serve as the internal and external point of contact on all legislative matters.

WSBA's Outreach and Legislative Affairs staff work closely with the following WSBA entities to further the Bar’s mission:

Board of Governors Legislative Committee

WSBA Legislative Review Committee

Other committees, boards, and councils

WSBA sections