Updated: Sept. 5, 2019

There are almost 600,000 U.S. military veterans in our state. Many veterans are facing barriers, including legal barriers, to successful reintegration into civilian life.

WSBA Call to Duty is designed to inform, inspire, and involve volunteer attorneys in meeting the legal needs of veterans and their families. We strive to provide you the tools and training to put your legal skills to work.

Take the Pledge

The WSBA Call to Duty pledge asks you to commit to serving Washington veterans in 2018.

I pledge to serve veterans this year in one or more of the following ways:
  • Use my legal skills to advise a nonprofit organization that serves veterans
  • Mentor those who take pro bono cases serving veterans
  • Teach a CLE on veteran legal issues
  • Volunteer for a Call to Duty Day of Service
  • Volunteer with the WA Vets Will Clinic
  • Take a low-fee veteran's case through the WSBA Moderate Means Program
  • Take a veteran’s case pro bono
  • Become certified to take a VA benefits case

Take the 2019 Pledge Today!

Report your 2018 Pledge fulfillment

Day of Service

The WSBA Call to Duty Initiative Day of Service welcomes attorneys and other legal professionals of all levels to volunteer at a Day of Service. WSBA partners with a local organization to provide a free CLE after which volunteers are matched to assist veterans in a legal clinic on the issue of the morning CLE.

Day of Service Volunteers

Upcoming Days of Service

July 28, 2018 – Kitsap County, in partnership with Kitsap Legal Services & Clallam-Jefferson County Pro Bono Lawyers

Aug. 11, 2018 – Jefferson County Clinic (no morning CLE), in partnership with Clallam-Jefferson County Pro Bono Lawyers. Volunteers will attend the Kitsap County Day of Service CLE in the morning of July 28.

Registration information for the CLE and clinics can be found here

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